Hello, my name is Sawada Saito. I’m a 24 years old NEET college student who’s too lazy to work on his last project to graduate from my goddamn university. You might think “since you’re already one step away from graduating then quickly finish your project”. Well, I want to, but I just don’t have the motivation and the capability for it. Anyway, rather than talking about that depressing problem, I rather talk about my current problem.

Right now, I am in a completely white room all by myself after I wake up from my sleep and in front of me there is a window just like in RPG games. I’ve tried to read what was written in it. And apparently, God has just made a mistake and put my name in His people’s time to die list and because He’s so busy with his work he’s decided to contact me this way. Since I am a fanatic of fantasy genre light novels, God has finally decided to grand my wish to lead a new life in another world and give me one cheat ability. After that, I was asked what kind of cheat ability I want. Since, I was asked to make it I might as well ask.

[Is there any restriction in making the cheat ability?] (Saito)

It feels a little weird asking that even though right now I’m in this room all by myself, but this is important after all. Then the window says


Since He says that, I make my cheat ability as ridiculous as possible so I can enjoy my new life.

[Then, I want an ability to make cheat.](Saito)

After that, the window says.


After I’ve decided the cheat that I want to make, my body suddenly shining brightly for a while then the window in front of me shows the cheat ability I’ve just made.

[[Create Cheat]] Lv.EX
This ability let the user  to create a cheat skill using cheat points as the cost. Current cheat point:1. 

Alright, this should be good enough.

After that, the window shows me something different again. This time, the window show an interface just like when you make a character in games. Well, seeing the face of the character in the window is my face, obviously this means I can customize my appearance. And, it’s quite detailed too, as in “that” kind of detail.

Well, I guess I’ll just make my body thinner then do this and this. Done. After that, the window change interface and ask me the classic ‘Are you sure?’.

Well, since I’m done, I can only choose ‘Yes’ of course. After that I suddenly lost my consciousness. Again.

A.N:Thank you for giving this story a try. Please leave a comment for your impression and critics.

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