Chapter 4-I’ve Arrived At The HQ

[So, this is HQ, huh?](Saito)

I’ve finally reached the HQ after walking for a while in the direction the guard told me. What is HQ, you ask? Well, it’s adventurer’s headquarter. Since it is too troublesome to say it, I’ve decided to shorten it as HQ. Anyway, moving on.

[Here I go](Saito)

With that, I go into the HQ.

I thought I will feel moved after I went through the door since I will see some similar scene just like in games. But instead, I’m scared. Again. Why you ask? Because right after I open the door I see so many adventurers are looking at me. I wonder if this is just my imagination, but when I try to look around the people who see me, why is it I only see muscular men with scary face? Don’t tell me that in this world there is no beautiful girl adventurer. I mean, to be in the same party with a beautiful girl and then become lover after going through so many adventure is one of the main reason why I want to be an adventurer in the first place. Ah, no. After I look around again more carefully, there are adventurer girls here, it’s just that the scary muscular men’s bodies are blocking the girls from my view.

Well, in this situation if I suddenly get out of the HQ, I will definitely be looked down next time. So, I have no choice now but to push through.

[Let’s see….](Saito)

First of all, I try to find something like the quest board. Why did I try to find it? That is because I will use it for one of my reasoning if an adventurer pick a fight with me. I mean, many people said I’m an undefined then look at me with either pitiful eyes or mocking eyes. That’s why I came to a conclusion, in this world there are people who are categorized as undefined and they are ridiculously weak and useless.  Thus, because people think I’m this undefined thing, there is a big possibility an adventurer will pick a fight with me when I say I want to become an adventurer. Anyway, moving on.

After looking around a little more, I see some people in front of a board. So, I quickly go to the board and as I thought, there are many papers which shows pictures of monsters and herbs. Luckily, even though I still can’t read anything at all, I still can read the alphabets. And since in every papers there are one alphabet in big size, I’m sure that shows the rank of the adventurers which are allowed to take the quests. Of course, it is possible that this world might be using different system, but I’ve decided to just YOLO since it’s too much of a pain in the ass to think about it.

After I’m done looking at some quest papers, I go to the counter. And fortunately, the receptionists in the counters are just like what I hope for. They are beautiful and cute girls. Among the girls I see in the counter, I see one girl who is the most beautiful, so of course I go there. After all if you don’t register as an adventurer at the counter with beautiful receptionists then you are not a man. And with that, once again I’m standing in a queue line.

After waiting for around 30 minutes maybe? It’s finally my turn.

Current Status:
Name: Sawada Saito
Age: 24 years old
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Level: 1
Job: Cheater

Cheat Points(CP):21
Skill Points(SP):10
Create Cheat LV.EX
Hand to Hand Combat LV.1
Intuition LV.1
Cooking LV.1
Mathematics LV.2
Chemistry LV.1
Reivalica Language LV.1
Spirit Language LV.3
Ancient Language LV.1
Magic Programming LV.2
Singing LV.1
Music Instrument LV.1

The One Who Cheats
Another World Traveller

Unfinished Quest:
Quest:Adventurer’s HQ
Objective: Find Adventurer’s HQ and register as an adventurer.
Reward:8 CP

A.N: I’m sorry if this chapter is too boring. orz

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